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The Bid System is getting upgraded! In just a few weeks, please be on the look-out for emails and a new, improved website to find participating agency and statewide Oklahoma bids. Have questions? Email us.

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Receive bid documents, addendum and notification of term contract expiration delivered to your inbox in real-time from all of the participating public agencies using the Oklahoma Purchasing Group.

Instant bid notification is important to vendors looking to expand their business with Oklahoma local governments. Registered vendors are notified of bids that match the vendors’ business. Notifications include RFPs, Informal Bids, RFQs, RFIs and other types of bids from participating local governments. The Oklahoma Purchasing Group automatically notifies its registered Select suppliers via email when a participating buying organization publishes a relevant bid opportunity.

In addition to the initial business opportunity, registered vendors who have notification service via the Select Supplier registration option are also notified of any addendum and subsequent award information related to a relevant bid opportunity.

The Oklahoma Purchasing Group is regional bid system that services various local government agencies and their vendors throughout Oklahoma. Vendors can register on one centralized site to have instant access to bid opportunities throughout the region. As other public entities join the purchasing group, vendors will automatically see and receive their bid information, addenda and awarded bids. Local Oklahoma counties, municipalities, school districts and special district governments across the state can join the Oklahoma Purchasing Group to increase vendor competition and efficiency in bid distribution.

Registration is open to all vendors looking to receive direct access to RFPs and bids including any addendum related to the solicitation, posted directly by local Oklahoma agencies. The regional purchasing group provides suppliers with more bid information, less paperwork, and an easier method of doing business with local agencies.